Congratulations! Your daughter is half-way through her teen years and quickly becoming a young adult.  There is no better way to celebrate this special day then with friends, family and great entertainment.  However, since every parent might not be familiar with the details of a Sweet 16 party, we offer this brief explanation of what you can expect to happen at a typical Sweet 16.  But please remember, this is just an example of a typical Sweet 16; as with every event AODJ’s handles, your daughter’s Sweet 16 is fully customizable.

  First 30-45 mintues

  • We begin by playing light background music (either of your choice or at the DJ’s discretion), allowing you to greet your family and friends. Sometimes this is called the cocktail portion of your party even if your party is not having an actual cocktail hour.
  • After the welcoming of all the guest’s we can either do 1 of many things, we can begin by either by doing a grand entrance with the parents and siblings or 2 we can do a grand entrance alone. If you do not want to do a grand entrance we can call the parents up to give a toast.
  • At this point depending on the catering hall whether it’s a sit down dinner or a buffet we can do one of two things. We can either open up the dance floor of music of your choice or we may have to have everyone sit down for the wait staff to take the dinner orders.  The MC will coordinate with the Matre’D or Banquet manager to discuss the details of when we are able to start.  
  • During the sitting of dinner we can either once again have music of your choice or leave it to the professionals to play some background music. 
  • Music will be playing from start to finish without any interruptions, so this is why we supply you with a music selection request form to fill out for your disc jockey to play all of your favorite hits.  We may use some of the songs in this list as background music.   

  Last 90 minutes

  • With approximately an hour and a half left in your affair, we will prepare for the candlelighting  ceremony and verify that you are ready to begin.  After you read a speech or poem for each candle, the corresponding song will be played beginning with the song's chorus section. At the end of the evening, a custom CD will be given to you as a token of our appreciation for letting us share in  your special day. Because the CD is custom made, AODJ requires that all candlelighting songs be supplied to us three (3) weeks prior to the affair to ensure that we have every song in your specific order.  For your convenience, you may use the Candlelighting Form on our web site.
  • After the candle ceremony we will once again call up the proud parents and siblings if any to that cake to sing  Happy Birthday. Following the song we ask the father to escort his beautiful young daughter to the center of the dance floor to have that father/daughter dance.  Suggestion songs are available upon request.  Depending on how long your speeches are may determine how much time you will have at the end of your affair, so we ask to please keep in mind keep it to a minimum in order to maximize your dance performance time.  Minimum time for a ceremony takes at least 20 minutes at the least. 
  • After all we will have the rest of the evening to finish off the night with all of those requests that you have prepared for us to play. The team of your DJ/MC will coordinate and perform the rest of the night.  If you have a last song for the evening to end with we ask that you please specify so that we can coordinate appropriately to your selection.  For example we can use a song like Lean on Me and have everyone join in for a large group circle, something real nice to complete your special once in a lifetime affair.
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