Congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming “Special Day”! Since your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, you will want to hire an entertainment company with experience and professionalism. All Occasion DJ’s & Entertainment has been servicing the Tri-State area for over 10 years, giving every bride and groom what they have dreamed for. For your convenience, we offer to you the breakdown of a typical wedding:

Cocktail Hour
Typically lasting one hour, this is included with all of our packages. We set the mood with music carefully selected to suit your taste. If you choose, we will even create a custom CD compilation that will be yours to keep. A separate professional sound system will be supplied for this hour.

After the cocktail hour, your Matre D’ will invite all the guests into the main dinning room as your Master of Ceremony coordinates with your wedding party for the Grand Entrance. Your wedding party will be lined up in the following order:

- Proud Parents of the Bride and Groom (Bride’s Parents Leading 1st)
- Bridesmaids and Ushers
- Jr. Bridesmaids and Jr. Ushers (If Any)
- Flower Girl(s) and Ring Bearer(s) (If Any)
- Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man
- Most Important of all the New Mr. & Mrs.

The Entire bridal party above will be all introduced to upbeat but yet classy sounds of your DJ’s choice. Of course, if you have your own ideas, arrangements can be made to play your music.

Once the wedding party has entered the reception, the bride and groom will be introduced for the first time as husband and wife, and will enter in grand fashion.

First Dance
Directly following your introduction, you will be asked to take the center of the dance floor for the first dance. After a brief dance, we then invite the parents and bridal party to join in, followed by family and friends. A second wedding suggestion song may be chosen as well.

After the first dance, the toast and or blessing is given. Your M.C. will ask all the guests to find their seats and invite that special person you have chosen (most likely the best man/maid of honor) to say a few words. If a blessing is to be given, this would take place first followed by the toast.

Sitting of First Course and Dinner Orders
Typically around this time, the first course will be served and the wait staff will take your dinner orders. Your M.C. will ask that all guests remain in their seats to allow the wait staff to finish serving. The music during this time is typically elegant background music played at a low volume. Depending on the number of guests, the first course should only take a few minutes.

After the First Course
Once the orders are taken and first course has been completed, it’s time to get everyone onto the dance floor. Our experienced DJ/M.C. teams will read the crowd, starting with some dance music to kick-off the celebration. Usually, some 70’s music is a good party-starter and gets everyone involved and moving. Know that we can get all the guests up at this time will give us a focused mind what your guests like to dance to. If you choose, the M.C. can join your guests on the dance floor in order to motivate them.

When its time for everyone to sit down for dinner, your M.C. will ask that everyone finds their seats while your DJ plays some nice elegant background music. You can choose to have specific songs played for dinner or leave it up to us to decide. The volume is played at a low easy listening volume allowing your guests to enjoy the food and conversation at the table. Once again we can create a special CD of your choice to be played at this time.

More Dance Time
After the main course is completed we usually open the dance floor with a few ballads and invite all the couples to join. You and your DJ/MC will coordinate about what era of music to play. Prior to your wedding day, we will provide you with a music suggestion form that will allow us to play the appropriate music. This music list will be followed throughout the night, right up to the cake cutting ceremony.

Cake Cutting
At this time, we will coordinate with the catering hall in preparation for the cake cutting. We have a vast array of music from which you can choose, unless of course you prefer the traditional “The Bride Cuts the Cake.”

Parent Dances

Following the cake cutting, we will the parent dances. First is the Bride/Father dance and second is the Groom/Mother dance. Please see our music list to help find a special song with your parents. If you do not see or are unsure about any of the songs, please let us know and we will prepare a custom CD for you.

Optional Bouquet/Garter Toss
This part of the reception follows the parent dances. This is usually done only if you feel there are enough single guests attending your wedding. Even if you decide in advance that you do not want this part included, we can easily add it to the reception if you change your minds. The bouquet/garter ceremony usually takes just a few minutes.

More Dancing
Your DJ will continue playing upbeat music without any further interruptions for the remainder of the event, finishing off the night with a grand finale; you and your guests will wish the night won't end.

Throughout the entire reception, music will continue to be played. The only time music is not played is during the blessing and/or the toast. Any opportunity we have, we will keep you and your guests on the dance floor with the great sounds of all eras. The only time background music is played is between courses and any time we need you to find your seats.

We hope that this layout of a typical wedding has helped you realize that we are the experienced and professional company you are looking for. Please call us today to further discuss the details of your wedding. And congratulations again!

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